Dedicate a bench to a loved one, relative, colleague or friend through the Prince William County Parks Foundation.


The Bench Donation Program is a replacement program that allows individuals and organizations to commemorate a special occasion, celebrate a life, or honor the memory of a loved one by donating a new bench in a Prince William County Park where a bench replacement is needed.

The Bench Donation Program is a wonderful way to give. Your gift will be enjoyed by many in our community and your contribution will enhance the County’s Park system.

Bench replacement locations, and in some instances new locations, may be considered when consistent with the parks master plans and/or existing conditions within the park site. Acceptance, placement, and installation decisions are made by the County Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (County).

The applicant/donor can request a particular park site or location on the application however the County will make the final placement decision.

The plaque will be furnished by the County. The plaque will be:

  1. ¼” thick etched bronze material
  2. 8” wide x 2” high size
  3. The plaque may not exceed four lines with approximately 24-26 characters per
  4. All plaque details, including text, must be in the form indicated on the application and must be approved by the County Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

A donation of $3,500 will generally cover the cost of the bench, plaque, installation, and maintenance fees for its useful lifetime. There may be some additional costs depending on the location installation requirements. Any other request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  1. The County is under no obligation to accept a gift or donation, even if the gift or donation otherwise meets the criteria set forth herein.
  2. All donations will become property of the County and the County reserves the right to remove or relocate donated items at any
  3. Donations must be consistent with the Master Plans and with existing conditions and needs at the specific park
  4. All donation requests must be submitted in writing.
  5. The plaque attached to the bench will be the only recognition of the donation.
  6. The County is the final decision-maker regarding acceptance, placement, and installation.
  7. The County will maintain the bench for its useful lifetime. The bench will be removed when it becomes unsafe to sit on or if it is vandalized in a manner that makes it visually unacceptable. The County will not be responsible for replacing any damaged or vandalized items. The County will notify the donor when the bench must be removed and will give the original donor the opportunity to renew the gift and donate another replacement
  8. The procedures, policies & fees outlined in this guide are subject to periodic review and

Complete the Bench Dedication Program form here. A representative will reach out once your application has been reviewed.