Advisory Committee

The Restated Bylaws of the Prince William County Parks Foundation (Foundation) , adopted July 13, 2020, ARTICLE VII, states:

Section 7.1 Eligibility.  The Board of Directors may create one or more Committees.  Each Committee shall have at least one Director as a member of the Committee and as many other Directors as are necessary.  Members of the public are also eligible to serve on Committees.

Section 7.2 Approval Required.  The creation of a Committee and the appointment of a Director or Directors to it shall be approved by the greater of (i) a majority of all the Directors in office when the action is taken, or (ii) a quorum of the Directors as specified in Section 5.5 of these Bylaws.

Section 7.3 Meetings and Voting.  The provisions set forth in Sections 5.2 through 5.7 of Article V and Section 6.4 of Article VI governing meetings, action without meetings, notice and waiver of notice, and quorum and voting requirements of the Board of Directors, apply to Committees and their members as well.

At its Oct 5, 2020 Foundation meeting, “Advisors to the Foundation” to augment the Foundation’s Board of Directors was approved and some initial Advisors were recruited and invited to attend Foundation meetings and events as informal Advisors.

At its Jul 12, 2021 meeting the BOD approved the formation of an Advisory Committee.

Role of Advisory Committee Members:

  • Attend regular Foundation meetings and work sessions as a non-voting participant.
  • Hold meetings, per the current bylaws, to discuss Foundation goals, strategies, projects, events, etc. and then provide recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
  • Participate as a volunteer at any Foundation events.
  • Host fundraising events for the Foundation or assist with Foundation fundraising events.
  • Receive communications via email, text, etc. sent to Foundation members.
  • Youth are welcome on this committee. They would be “Ambassadors” in our schools and community and welcome to represent the Foundation at events.

Members of the Advisory Committee are encouraged to acquaint themselves with in-depth information about the status of PWC Parks, Recreation & Tourism and the organizational documents for the Foundation:

  1. PWC Comprehensive Plan Chapter on Parks, Recreation & Tourism
  2. PWC Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan
  3. Foundation Bylaws
  4. Foundation MOU with Prince William Board of County Supervisors